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A Leg Up for Kids is a nonprofit organization that believes children with special health needs are happier when they can move about with their families. To enable this, we donate safe and economical strollers for children on ventilators.


Children who rely on mechanical ventilators benefit from increased mobility to ensure that they receive the same levels of stimulation as children who breathe independently. However, many of these children are confined to bed because their families lack the financial means or education to get the right mobility device for their child.

Our mission is to find and identify critically ill children who will benefit from increased mobility and then donate the safest, most reliable strollers to them free of charge. A Leg Up for Kids is about helping children with special health needs enjoy life and have fun out in their communities!

We currently donate the Sit-N-StandTM stroller to benefit children who rely on mechanical ventilators. We distribute them through the A.I. DuPont Hospital for Children in Delaware and Children's Hospitals of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania. If you have a child who needs a stroller but are not local to A Leg Up for Kids, please contact us for assistance.

"I took her to Costco and she picked out her own toy.
I felt like any other mom and baby that day."

Our Past, Present and Future

A Leg Up for Kids was founded in 1999 to provide a custom stroller, called the Safe and Mobile Ventilator Stroller (SAM-V), for children on mechanical ventilators. The program began when Mr. Mark Nickerson, co-founder of A Leg Up for Kids, volunteered at the AI DuPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Delaware. Using his personal resources and free time, Mr. Nickerson designed and built SAM-Vs for children at the hospital. Since 1999, over 300 children have received strollers from us. That is more than 300 families who who can take their children to the park, to dinner, even just go to the grocery store, with the help of the strollers. More importantly, many of these families were now able to transport their children safely to and from clinics and hospital visits without the need for expensive and traumatic ambulance support

Our strollers have evolved over the years, as the ventilators and needs changed. You can read more about our original SAM-V and current strollers on our Strollers page.

Presently, A Leg Up for Kids provides the BabyTrendTM Sit-N-Stand Stroller to 50 children each year in Delaware, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey.

We are guided by a great Board of Directors, and are now looking towards the future. As funding allows, we will increase the number of children we serve and expand the areas in which we donate strollers. With the support of people like you, we hope to reach hundreds of children every year who will benefit from being more mobile with their medical equipment!

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