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"The parents are thrilled with these devices because they allow the children to move about and go outside. In the past, we had some problems with strollers tipping over and being unsafe.
That is not a problem with these strollers..."

- Dr. Nadkarni
Director of Pediatric Intensive Care
A.I. Dupont Hospital for Children

There are no other organizations, nonprofit or for-profit, that provide a product that provides children and infants with such freedom of movement in a chair that is easy to use and inexpensive.

A Leg Up for Kids now provides a stroller to accommodate the smaller, lighter ventilators that children have been using since 2002. The stroller supports the ventilators which must hang vertically in order to operate correctly. The Baby TrendTM Sit-N-Stand stroller has platforms to hold the ventilator battery and other medical equipment. The ventilator uses a Dove clamp and hangs from the stroller as shown.

A Leg Up for Kids is currently working with the staff and patients at:

AI DuPont Hospital for Children

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

We would like to offer our heartfelt gratitude to the caring and wonderful staff at these hospitals for helping us make A Leg Up for Kids a success.

If you are interested in offering our strollers through your hospital or organization, please contact us!

The SAM-V Stroller

The SAM-V was the first stroller designed by Mark Nickerson for A Leg Up for Kids. When we first began, the ventilators were considerably larger and heavier. Weighing in at 70 pounds and requiring considerably more space, our stroller was of a different design. A Leg Up for Kids provided the Safe And Mobile Ventilator (SAM-V) stroller to children through 2004, while transitioning to the new stroller as demand for it increased. The SAM-V Stroller was a unique mobility device that allowed children and infants who relied on mechanical ventilators to move about freely. It was invented in response to the desire of parents to take their children outside and into their communities. Parents and children loved having the sturdy strollers to carry their very heavy T-Bird ventilators.

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